From 1986 to 2008 my life followed the traditional route of leaving full time education and getting a job.


For me the job was in financial services with the need for more study and more exams with the end result being qualified as a Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner.


However by 2008 the prospect to continuing for another 20+ years until hopefully my pension would be sufficient to support my retirement did not fill me with great excitement as I already felt I wanted to do more with my life.


Plus it was becoming very clear that the more money I earned the more my expenses increased and hence the need to earn more money again.


I was a fully signed up member of the Rat Race and I didn't even notice it happening over the years.  What I do recall was declaring to my Mother when I was 16 that 'I would never be part of the rat race'.  Oh the irony!


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Whilst complaining about my lot in life (over a pint) a good friend suggested I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.  To be honest I had always avoided this book due to the cheesy title!  Still I respected my friend’s advice and so ordered the book.


The book was an easy read, but the information contained within was rather contraversial as it suggested  some of my traditional financial thinking could be wrong, if I was seeking financial independence sooner rather than later.


So more study was need.  I now have an extensive library of books relating to the Rich Dad philosophy of wealth creation (and other authors with similar views) that sit alongside my library of traditional financial planning books.


The more I studied the more I realised that the traditional methods of wealth creation and the Rich Dad approach were just different sides of the same coin. Very much the yin and yang of wealth creation in that they are not opposing philosophies, but complementary opposites.


The result was that my wife and I decided to combine the two philosophies to create our own financial independence and freedom from needing to rely on a 'job' pay cheque every month.  


Today we have income from property, investments and businesses. We continue to grow our income streams and have been free from the monthly pay cheque since 2010.  


Happy days indeed.

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